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Membership options

Membership as a partner

Your company believes in the immense role of green hydrogen in the new economy. Your company or organization has a role in the hydrogen value chain. From the financial sector, production, electrolysis, transport or the usage of green hydrogen.

Your company also wants to work on reaching the Sustainable Development Goals and believes green hydrogen can help reach the climate goals and fasten the energy transition.

Your company wants to add value to their business and  sees contributing to the SDGs as a growing part of your business.

Become a Member, think with us and perhaps your projects can be SDGproof!

As a company, you can give extra substance to your own mission, core values or sustainability strategy and increase your ESG scores. Furthermore you can be one of the first to enter the SDGproof quality mark project.

Membership to financial support the Club

By becoming a financial Member of the Sustainable Hydrogen Club, you help develop the Club and create SDGproof green hydrogen. It also creates possibilities for you to become part of our network and it demonstrates your commitment to create a fair and inclusive transition. 

We need money to develop, improve and scale up! As a financial Club Member you donate for the development of knowledge or become a shareholder in one of our projects like the SDGproof Quality Mark.

Membership as an impact partner

As an impact partner you help the Club to a higher level by sharing your expertise, help researching, joint planning and help with the implementation and incorporation into policy.

We are building on a model that works so we need your expertise to get it done.

You are for example a representative of a government, a NGO or energy expert or part of a knowledge or research institute. 

Impact partners contribute to building the Club with their expertise.

Club Member

You can be a Club Member as a private person who wants to contribute to a hydrogen economy that contributes to a fair and inclusive energy system. Discuss and work with us on achieving our goals. Join one of our workgroups!

You can also donate: