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We organize several online clubmeetings, workshops and roundtables. Feel free to join us! 


8 March 2022: Clubmeeting Suriname: how can green hydrogen contribute to green growth for everyone involved?

Timing: March 8th, 20:00 CET

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1 March 2022: Clubmeeting Follow-up Namibia and the intended export of hydrogen. Timing: March 1st, 20:00 REGISTER HERE

15 Februari 2022: Clubmeeting to discuss possibilities for international and intercontinental trade deals. Timing: February 15th, 20:00 REGISTER HERE

25 January 2022: SHC Namibia meeting. Discussing possibilities for making Namibia hydrogen project SDGproof. Timing: January 25th, 20:00 REGISTER HERE

13 January 2022: New projects, the overall progress and priorities of the Sustainbale Hydrogen Club meeting. Timing: January 13th, 20:00 REGISTER HERE

22 December 2021: Development Quality Mark Workshop on the development of the SDGproof quality mark. Timing: December 22, 20:00 REGISTER HERE

21 December 2021: Namibia Workshop Follow up from the brainstorm and presentations. Timing: December 21, 20:00 REGISTER HERE

14 December 2021: Namibia Kickoff meeting and brainstorm session on the intended hydrogen import The Netherlands-Namibia. Timing: December 14th, 20:30 REGISTER HERE

9 December 2021: SHC Kickoff meeting and brainstorm session on how we can accomplish that hydrogen will contribute to the well-being of the local population living nearby solar- and windfarms. Timing: December 9th, 20:00 REGISTER HERE

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Please email