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Our goals

All local residents of (new) large scale solar, wind farms and electrolysers used for hydrogen production, share in the benefits of this new global hydrogen economy. Communities living near by solar and wind power farms and electrolysers used for hydrogen production, have direct access to the sustainable energy/ hydrogen produced in the farms, and get support through projects that are in line with the Sustainable Developement Goals.

What we do

By creating local funds used for projects contributing to the SDGs, green hydrogen production and usage will not only change the energy system, but also the social system that comes with the presence of energy. The structural funds filled with profits from green hydrogen, can be used for clean cooking and to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy in the area of solar and wind farms. This will lead to public support of sustainable energy production and will accelerate the energy transition.


  • Creating awareness of the momentum for using the new international hydrogen economy as a game changer not only in the energy system, but also in the distribution of prosperity around the world.
  • Asking member states supporting the importance of fair, sustainable hydrogen.
  • Researching what might be the negative effects of hydrogen projects.
  • Researching what projects might contribute to the SDGs
  • An SDG-quality mark for green hydrogen to be designed in 2021/2022: how the production of green hydrogen contributes to the SDG’s.
  • The SDG-quality mark to be supported by at least 10 more governments each year from 2022 on, the financial sector, the energy sector, the industry, and the users of hydrogen and products made with/ off hydrogen.
  • An institution that manages the local funds that supports projects contributing to the SDGs
  • An organisation that controls the origin and all the processes of the quality mark.