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Green hydrogen contributing to sustainable development

A new economy requires new rules to guarantee a just and inclusive energy transition.
By creating a green hydrogen economy and share the benefits, we can fight poverty, give local residents access to renewable energy and regreen our planet.

By increasing public support for green hydrogen we can accelerate the energy transition.


our mission

The most cost competitive green hydrogen will be produced in other countries than where it is used. An increase of transport from high production countries with low demand, to high demand countries with low production is to be expected.

The mission of the Sustainbale Hydrogen club (SHC) is to make sure that the green growth will not only take place in the high demand countries, but also in the production countries and areas. Local communities also need to profit from this new global green hydrogen economy in a way that is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Now is the time to make agreements how we can share the benefits of this new world wide green hydrogen economy.

SDG based agreements to let local residents profit

  • By making new agreements on what socio-economic conditions the production of green hydrogen must meet.
  • Agreements on how local residents of solar farms, wind farms and hydrogen plants, will also profit from the energy produced in their area.
  • Agreements on how the local residents can use the energy produced and get a percentage of the money earned as long as the power installations are there.
  • Using profit to spent on SDG-project like providing people with local power grids, energy kits and clean cooking-gear. The money can even be used for actions against – desertification and regreening the land.

Quality mark

With the SDG-quality mark for sustainable green hydrogen energy, it can be demonstrated that the production and transport of green hydrogen contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The quality mark for green hydrogen is to be designed in 2021/2022, and we aim for the SDG-quality mark to be supported by at least 10 more governments each year from 2022 in the financial sector, the energy sector, the industry, and the users of hydrogen and products made with/ off hydrogen.

Become part of the club

Join us in our commitment to let everyone benefit from the new worldwide hydrogen economy

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🫴DONATIONS NEEDED: we develop a #hydrogen cooking device so everyone can benefit from the energy transition 🌍 🌍join our journey to leave no one behind

On occasion of #InternationalYouthDay join esteemed speaker @NienkeHoman in Celebrating Intergenerational Leadership in #GreenHydrogen

Join conversation to advance #GreenSkills by registering here:

🗓August 12
🕰12.30 P.M. GMT

@gh2org @ImpactHydrogen

On occasion of #InternationalYouthDay join esteemed speaker @StanleyAnibogu in Celebrating Intergenerational Leadership in #GreenHydrogen

Join conversation to advance #GreenSkills by registering yourself:

🗓August 12
🕰12.30 P.M. GMT


Madhya Pradesh hosted first ever dialogue on #YouthForGreenHydrogen in @RNTUnivBhopal w/d varied speakers @ErikSolheim @vdsharmabjp @Santosh_Aisect @SiddharthAISECT @nanditapathak07 @SinghalSailesh

Young people including @AicRntu is ready to drive #GreenHydrogen movement

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